On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl interviews former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent.  Topics include his upcoming touring plans, Robert Fleischman, Vicki Peterson, Felix Cavaliere, his current guitar playing ability, his upcoming book, his appearance at the Chiller Theatre Expo (April 27 -29), the 2018 Atlanta Kiss Expo, a summer tour of Australia, the rumors about him, his guitar gear, his dislike of drummers, Kiss songs with drum machines and much more.  This chat with Vinnie was recorded today, April 23 at 2pm EST.

Vinnie Vincent and Mark Strigl in Atlanta 2018.

Photos from the 2018 Atlanta Kiss Expo.

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7 thoughts on “Talking Metal 745 All-New Vinnie Vincent Interview

  1. I am guessing he can’t play as he used to. If he could he wouldn’t of taken such offense. He would of also generated a lot more interest if he entered the stage and ripped loose a solo at the Kiss convention before anyone knew what hit them. He’s gotten older, his metabolism has slowed, and if he did practice as he claims he has he probably wasn’t shredding and repeating old tricks.
    It was cool that you asked a legitimate question without being inflammatory about it. He may of been offended but you were being a professional and not a sensationalist.

  2. I enjoyed the interview, but I gotta be honest with you & I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think he’s ever going to tour acoustic or electric, I know when people are working on a project or a tour, but can’t say much about it yet, they are very light on the details, I don’t know, I just got a vibe off of him that it’s not going to happen.

    Like I said, I truly hope I’m wrong about this for all the fans, but it’s just the vibe that I got off of him during the interview.

  3. First of all, I love Vinnie. It’s weird to hear him repeating himself he almost sounds defensive or like he’s shining us on. But what I get from it is that he’s always been in a dark place and it just got so bad that he totally burnt out. It’s hard to come back from that. He’s human, he’s scratched back a bit, but will still have bad days. I just hope he realizes that his old quest to conquer the world was realized. He saved Kiss, and no guitarist has ever ever sounded like him. His song writing is really talented, the Vincent Cusano solo stuff, Treasure, and of course Warrior and VVI. He can sing, write, and decided he wanted be the world’s best guitarist. I think he’s clinically depressed and tired of being pissed off. But part of him pushes himself into the spotlight, and then he gets annoyed with people when he’s there. Your interview was a good demonstration of this. He got a little testy. You did a good job though. I’m curious what he recorded the albums with. I really don’t think it’s that one pickup double V. I think it’s his gold RR Jackson on VV1. But I have no idea. Can’t wait to get Bobby Rock’s book. My last advice for Vinnie, take a page out of Ritchie Blackmore’s book. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks and if he does, he fakes it till he makes it…

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