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No downloads.  No CD.  Just vinyl.  I realize that vinyl has had a bit of a revival these past few years but releasing something only on vinyl in 2017 still takes some guts.  It also makes it a more private and intimate thing.  Add in the fact that the music on this release is all A+ and you have one fantastic compilation album.   No Legacy Vol. One features California bands that span the spectrum of metal genres. There are “no legacy” bands, meaning these bands are all delivering fresh and new high-end rock and metal and not milking a back catalog of songs that were popular many decades ago.  And what if you don’t have a record player?  Well, then you’re shit out of luck.  For those of you who do spin vinyl, get your hands on this release ASAP.

Executive Producer: Erik Kluiber

Assembly & Additional Mastering by Michael Hateley at Lotus Mastering

Cover Artwork, Design & Layout by Ryan Bartlett

 Side 1

Ironaut –  “Sick Stupid Lies”

No Legacy opens up like an icepick with this tune.  A drunken, fight song.  Killer harmony guitars. Absolutely no BS on this one.  Vocals border on a Viking/pirate metal vibe.

Disastroid – “New Day”

Late 80s/early 90s Seattle vibe.  An early-Soundgarden feel at times.  Tight with stoner rock edge.  Unique riff. Great turnaround thing that happens toward the end that takes the song to a whole other level.  Really good stuff.

Madrost – “Scorned”

Technically awesome.  Crushing.  Death Metal vibe with some traditional metal overtones.

AstralCult – “Drowning”

Hard to categorize this one but I hear a COC vibe (only better), NWOBHM, Psychedelic sounds, great guitar solo and distorted bass moments.  A fun, trippy journey that takes place all within this one song.

Side 2

Void Vator – “No Return”

Hooky, catchy, infectious.  Modern, yet classic at the same time.  Features our friend Erik Kluber on guitar, he’s also the brainchild behind this compilation album.

Aboleth – “No Good”

Rough, sloppy, sexy,  versus more gravelly but chorus have soaring vocals that are right up there with the best metal screamers.  Breakdown rant that kicks back into the chorus is AWESOME.

Grand Lord High Master – “Sludge”

Nice hardcore vocal, old skool Sabbathy riffs, in your face, heavy groove, makes you want to move.  Pure aggression without having to play a million MPH.

Hazzard’s Cure – “Starvation”

Retro feel that brings me back to early Venom, Celtic Frost, and Possessed but the tune also has an almost straight punk vibe at times.  I like it!

Tzimani – “Final Hours”

Melodic, traditional, straight ahead, an organic feel. Great production but not overproduced.

Review by Mark Strigl – @strigl

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No Legacy
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