On episode 6 of the Mark & Mitch Show, Mark Strigl and Mitch Lafon talk about the future of Kiss.  What could and should a new Kiss release sound like?  They also talk about Paul Stanley’s comment that a new Kiss album would need to be “different.”

Watch the discussion here:

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Let us know your thoughts another Kiss album in the comments section. Thanks for watching!

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11 thoughts on “M&M Show Eps. 6 – Will Kiss Make Another Album?

  1. Mitch and Mark, I agree with Mark I’d like to see an all out just basic Kiss anthemic album with current lineup wihave guests like Ace,Bruce, and maybe even Peter Criss if he’ll interested, im sure he’d do it and just let Eric and Tommy play the instruments how they wanna play like they did when they where in Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Black N’Blue etc.

    1. Yeah, we didn’t even mention Peter Criss… He should be involved for sure, although I kind of feel like he burned that bridge with his book… which was a fantastic read btw.

      1. Mark S, I know this is off topic but I just wanna ask you when do you think Judas Priest will announce the rest of the Album Details for the new album Firepower like release date and the track listing? ? Thanks again.

        1. I think soon. Within the next couple weeks. The have a music video ready to go for the first single. I saw it. It’s not the title track that they released the sound sample of. Great stuff. Hope they release it soon.

          1. Mark S, Since it’s not the title track that we heard the sound sample of. What was the title of the song we heard sample of? Do you remember any names of the other songs from the album from when you heard it?? Thanks again.

          2. Mark S, Ignore the first sentence in my post from last night, I was confusing the new single that hasn’t been released yet and the title track we’ve heard already in the sound sample on JP’s official site. Sorry for the confusion in my above post.

          3. Mark, How would you best describe the style of the songs on the Firepower album when you heard it all few weeks ago? ? Is some songs off the album heavy or some ballads mixed in like always? Can you reveal the name of the new single? Thanks again.

  2. Not sure kiss has anything left in the tank.agree with mark,if they do,the whole album should be great,not just one song!the new kiss book/77/80 is sick tons of great pictures!nice blues shirt Mitch/spent 10 years in saint Louis,mo,lots of blues games:bruins fan myself;hate Montreal canadiens!so nice blues shirt,go b’s

  3. Scott – I have all the names. of all the songs but signed a legal doc saying I would not reveal them. I talk about the style of the songs on a couple of the recent podcasts…… I think epiosde 711 with Emily.

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