It’s that time of year again!  The Best Of 2017 episodes are in full effect.  On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl is joined by rock aficionado Joey Haynie of the Rock Strikes Ten & Talking Rock podcasts.  We play and talk about the best music of 2017.

Joey Haynie’s Top 15 hard rock and metal albums of 2017

1. The Night Flight Orchestra – Amber Galactic

2. Pallbearer – Heartless

3. Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

4. Bronx – V

5. Danko Jones – Wild Cat

6. Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains

7. Mastodon – Emperor Of Sand

8. At The Drive-In – In*Ter*A*Lia

9. Living Colour – Shade

10. C. J. Wildheart – Blood

11. Alice Cooper – Paranormal

12. Body Count – Bloodlust

13. Gone Is Gone – Echolocation

14. Marilyn Manson – Heaven Upside Down

15 – Overkill – The Grinding Wheel

20 of Mark Strigl’s favorite songs from 2017

  1. “SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS” by The Night Flight Orchestra off Amber Galatic
  2. “TEN MILES WIDE” – Stephen Pearcy off Smash
  3. “STORM THE SHORES” by White Wizzard – single.
  4. “THE ANSWER” by Fireball Ministry off Remember the Story
  5. “THE DOOMED” by A Perfect Circle – single.
  6. “CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH” by Junkyard off High Water
  7. “COLLIDE” by Black Country Communion off BCCIV
  8.  “EXECUTIONER’S TAX” by Power Trip off Nightmare Logic
  9.  “LIGHT IS LUCIFER” by Ancient VVisdom off 33
  10. “SATAN IS REAL” by Kreator off Gods Of Violence
  11. “GODDAMN TROUBLE” by Overkill off The Grinding Wheel
  12. “GOD OF THE SUN” by Sons Of Apollo off Psychotic Symphony
  13. “LESS THEN” by NIN off the Add Violence EP.
  14. “LONLEY NIGHTS” by High Spirits off the Escape EP.
  15. “WILD CHILD” by Crazy Lixx off Ruff Justice
  16. “BIRDS OF PREY” by Deep Purple off Infinite
  17. “DRINKING WITH JESUS” by Fozzy off Judas
  18. “MOON CURSER” by Dead Quiet off Grand Rites
  19. “DEAD FLESH & BONES” by Vessel of Light off self-title EP
  20. “MY WHOLE LIFE” by Rob Dukes off the Dukes EP

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4 thoughts on “Talking Metal 710 Best Of 2017 With Joey

  1. My 15:Alice,arch enemy:will 2 power:august burns red;phantom anthem:butcher babies;Lilith;deep purple;evocation;the shadow archetype;kerator;gods of violence;motionless in white;graveyard shift;oceans ate Alaska;h I k a r I:sons of appolo;the Raven age;darkness will rise;trivium;sin n the sentence;wage war:dead weight;while she sleeps;you r we;10years;how 2 live as ghosts

  2. 2018/ live shows:Judas Priest;Nassau coliseum 11 the row/Brit Floyd;radio city music hall NYC/meet n greet/sound check tickets!!!!!cant Waite to see Saxon again:amazing live band:must see

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