On this episode of Talking Metal, Emily Strigl discusses her favorite albums of 2017.  Then Mark Strigl talks about the new Judas Priest album Firepower which is scheduled will be released in March 2018.

Here’s a list of 10 of Emily’s favorite albums from 2017.  These are not ranked in order.

Dead Cross – Dead Cross 
Overkill – The Grinding Wheel 
Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun 
Black Country Communion – BCCIV
Marty Friedman – Wall of Sound 
Living Colour – Shade 
Gone is Gone – Echolation 
Manson – Heavens Upside Down 
Fireball Ministry – Remember the Story 
Code Orange – Forever
Emily Strigl – 2017.
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6 thoughts on “Talking Metal 711 Best Of 2017 w/Emily

  1. Sick /first person to hear new priest!!!any release date yet??can u say how many tracks??12:10:14:15???bonus deluxe editions with extra tracks???i just hope priest plays some of these new tracks/with 3 bands on this tour,priest might only play for like an hour/15 minutes,which isn’t enough time for the metal god!!

    1. Gerry, There will be 14 tracks on Firepower JP’s new album and release date is set at March 9,2018 , no I don’t think there is a deluxe edition at all. Btw, This info was announced yesterday Gerry via blabbermouth.net and bravewords.com, Gerry.

        1. that’s cool as well,Mark really looking forward to hearing Scott Travis’s interview on next episode,Thanks.

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