Eddie Clarke Remebered by Joe Becht

(Check out music video classics from Fast Eddie below.)

We have lost another legend and while his legacy wasn’t one of length and notoriety as others such as Malcolm Young and Tom Petty, his impact is just as profound.

Motörhead is one of the greatest rock bands ever and while the face of the band and the man who kept the entity alive was Lemmy, there would never have been a Motörhead if it were not for Fast Eddie Clarke. One only needs to read Martin Popoff’s amazing book Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers to find out that Edward Allan Clarke did a bulk of the work to establish Motörhead as a legendary band. He had a relentless drive in song writing, managing and producing. This eventually would push Clarke over the edge, leading to his departure from the band.

From there, Eddie took his signature riffs and steered them towards a Zeppelin like bare bones rock and roll sound with Fastway. Enhanced by Eddie Kramer’s production, the first Fastway album is a great listen. Unfortunately, the popularity of the band never reached any significance and internal lineup conflicts and changes lead to an unremarkable stamp on rock and roll history.

Nevertheless, Fast Eddie Clarke is a timeless icon. The Motörhead albums Ace of Spades and the epic live No Sleep Til Hammersmith are two of the most important albums in my life. The Three Amigos that comprised the original classic lineup of Motörhead are no longer with us. Thanks to Fast Eddie Clarke, the music they created will always be timeless. I can never express enough appreciation for the joy Fast Eddie Clarke brought to my life.

Written by Joe Becht.  Follow him on Twitter @JoeBecht

Fastway Featuring Fast Eddie Clarke
Ace Of Spades by Motorhead

The classic music video for All Fired Up by Fastway from 1984 can been seen here:  All Fired Up

And here’s some classic Motörhead for ya.

Rest In Peace!!!!

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