On this episode of ROCK TALK WITH MITCH LAFON, Mitch welcomes from Canadian metal legends ANVIL, singer LIPS and drummer Robb Reiner. The pair discuss the band’s latest album Pounding The Pavement, producer Chris Tsangarides (time: 16:40), touring with Aerosmith in the early ’80s & manager David Krebs, playing shows with Canadian music icon Bryan Adams and much more.

The episode’s second interview is with long-standing UK band (and Mitch’s personal favourites), THUNDER. Singer Danny Bowes discusses the band’s charity work, his Bowes And Morley project, the recent Christmas shows and Christmas Day single, their not one – but two farewell tours, his long-time friend and musical partner Luke Morley, touring North America, and much more.

Mitch also comments on Slayer & other’s upcoming farewell tours.

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