On this episode of Talking Metal, Ian McCurdy, Emily Strigl, John “Ostronomy” Ostrosky and Mark Strigl report from the Kiss Expo in Atlanta.  This episode was recorded on January 20, 2018 in the afternoon.  Interviews include Wicked, Robert Fleischman, John Ostronomy and Abby Kurtz. John talks about Ace Frehley’s 2018 plans and Robert Fleischman discusses reconnecting with Vinnie Vincent.  A video version of Emily’s interview with Robert has been posted on You Tube – see below.


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Robert Fleischman and Emily Strigl







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2 thoughts on “Talking Metal 723 Vinnie Vincent Kiss Expo Coverage Part 2 Robert Fleischman Interview

  1. I agree with Emily 100% here, we’ve been clamoring for Vinnie to come back, be ok and give us new music, I could personally care less about his sexuality. Personally I’m not looking for a date, just interested in his music. Having lived through “take that off the radio, the singer is Gay”, and personally knowing people, and having members of my family that aren’t straight, I stopped analyzing if someone was gay, straight, trans, bi, etc. especially when it comes to a member of a band. If they’re happy that way, that’s all that should matter. If you read some of the comments where people have only worried about his look, I guess they never saw that he wore similar heels when in Kiss, and that doesn’t even take into consideration what he looked like during the Invasion years. Wearing eyeliner is not exactly exclusive to him either, nor is wearing makeup, which for some is acceptable, but for Vinnie all of a sudden isn’t. In other words, he wasn’t exactly going for a macho look. Me personally, I’m just be happy he’s back, and will hopefully be releasing more material. If he’s happy that way, I don’t think we have the right judge him, no different than some dope trying to fat shame someone, call them hippie for having long hair, or any other way someone may make fun of someone for their aesthetics.

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