Mark Strigl and Mitch Lafon talk about their first concerts.  Topics include Kiss, Motley Crue, Rush, and much more.  Let us know your first concert by replying below.  Thanks!

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Kiss in 1979.
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5 thoughts on “The Mark & Mitch Show Episode #9: First Concerts, Motley Crue & Kiss

  1. Mark and Mitch, My actual first show was the Beach Boys 1994 Mansfield,Mass and my first actual Rock show was also Kiss w/ the Original Lineup The Farewell Tour 2000 Providence, RI

      1. Mark, I’ve actually seen them another time since 1994 , again I think in either 2014 or 15′ they were still good suprisingly as they were in their mid 70’s Mike Loves voice still held up great for a 21/2 hrs long show and they played 36 songs but Mike was the only original member there Al Jardin and Brian Wilson weren’t included in this lineup.

  2. First show/Van Halen:diver down second,billy squire/def Leppard:pyromania tour,third,ac/D.C.:flick of switch,fourth:ZZ Top,Sammy Hagar:5 the kinks

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