Don’t know much about this band but I love the singer’s voice.  Hard to compare it to anyone but I’m hearing a little  Robert Plant, Jeff Buckley, Ray Gillen…  maybe a little Myles Kennedy but better than Myles in my opinion.  It is also a really well-written and produced tune.  The way the guitars sound is perfection. – Strigl

Bibeau “Leeway” from the self-titled Bibeau debut record on Fade to Silence Records & Filmworks available 3/23/18. Video produced and directed by Justin Mosley, Dark Letter Entertainment, song and record produced by Luke Garrigus at Blackroom Studios. Download and/or stream, “Leeway” via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and all worldwide download and streaming sites.

According to vocalist Drew Theiring, “the lyrical content of “Leeway” comes from a very emotional dark space in someone’s life. There’s some light in the blackness emerging through the song as well as festering issues coming to the surface. When one is lied to or taken advantage of, it is never a pleasant experience, intentional or not. There is always the hope that the universe may grant you some leeway, even if it’s just enough to breathe a bit.”

The “Leeway” guitar melody line was written by guitarist/songwriter Robin Bibeau, who subsequently framed the song around what started out as a fingerpicking experiment. “I was playing around with some hybrid picking exercises on guitar, and it eventually developed into what would become the intro to “Leeway”. It was very organic and the intro was kind of like a seed that sprouted into the rest of the song.” added Robin Bibeau

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2 thoughts on “MUST HEAR NEW MUSIC: “Leeway” By Bibeau

  1. WOW, I can only echo what Mark said….nice to hear that kind of song with that kind of production in 2018….this is what I am talking about…Rock is NOT dead….you just have to look harder to find it. Great discovery Mark!

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