Here are are some new loud rock albums that drop today.

Shiraz Lane – Carnival Days

This band has been extremely busy throughout 2017 composing, producing and recording their second album in collaboration with the Swedish producer Per Aldeheim (Def Leppard, Soilwork, Lambretta).  Fun and solid commercial hard rock.  Check it out.


Nick Oliveri – N.O. Hits At All Vol. 4

The fourth and final volume in the legendary Queens Of The Stone Age and Kyuss bassists’ hits series.

Revertigo – Revertigo

Revertigo is a Stockholm-based duo formed by Mats Levén (vocals) and Anders Wikström (guitar). As close personal and musical friends for nearly 30 years, Revertigo is the next chapter in an ongoing collaboration culminating with the self-produced new album.

In September 2016, a 3-song demo found its way to Frontiers Music Srl who decided to sign the band on the spot. In-between priority touring activities with Candlemass, Treat and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the pair finalized the 11 songs featured on this debut album.

Black Wizard – Livin’ Oblivion

The Vancouver stoner/heavy metal band has been receiving solid reviews for this latest album, recommended to anyone that remotely likes either genre.

Thundermother – Thundermother

Filippa Nässil is the only remaining component of the band as four of the five members that appeared on the band’s previous release left last spring. The band is now made up of Swedish women, and forges ahead following Filippa’s hard rock vision.

Other releases of note:

Destroyer 666 – Call Of The Wild EP

Blackwulf – Sinister Sides

Armored Dawn – Barbarians in Black

Unruly Child- Unhinged Live From Milan

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One thought on “New Releases Out Today 2/23/2018 – Nick Oliveri, Shiraz Lane, Black Wizard & Much More

  1. Really digging the new Shiraz Lane CD!! Love the voice of Hannes reminds me of a mix of Halford/Rose. They have a great sound on this album.

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