My wife and I recently had dinner with Lonn Friend in New York and it inspired me to revisit some of the interviews I had done with him through the years. One of the interviews I came across was from December 14, 2007 when John “Ostronomy” Ostrosky and I interviewed the iconic rock journalist in front of the Staples Center in Los Angeles before a Van Halen concert. During our chat, he revealed an interesting story about 2 guys with really bad hair transplants. One of them would go on to become POTUS, and the other is one of the greatest rock frontmen of all time, who currently seems to be a bit off the radar. That’s right folks, this is Lonn Friend’s story of the time Donald J. Trump and David Lee Roth shared a table together at the Spy Bar in NYC with some “hot chicks.” My guess is this Trump/Roth hang happened in the 90s sometime. Here’s the story in Lonn’s words. You can also listen to him tell it on YouTube below.

David Lee Roth
Donald Trump

Lonn: “The funniest David Lee Roth story I have is I was at the Spy Bar in New York City, and it was after some big concert like U2 and there where all these really heavy people in the room. I think Rick Rubin was upstairs spinning. And I look down and at the V.I.P. table in the front and I see Donald Trump and David Lee Roth. Like together with two hot chicks and I couldn’t help but walk over to Dave and lean over to Dave and go “Dave, it’s Lonn from RIP magazine” and he goes “How’s it going man, good to see ya.” and I said “I have just one question, who made the call? You or Trump? How does this happen?” He didn’t even have an answer. He just smiled at me…”

Emily and Mark Strigl with Lonn Friend in NYC – Jan. 2018.

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