Julian Casablancas is best known for his work with the Strokes.  He also has a band called the Voidz who’s new album Virtue will be released on March 30.  It may surprise people who only know me as the guy from Talking Metal but I was a big fan of the Strokes back in 2001.  Their ‘we don’t give a shit attitude’ and great tunes were perfect for the times.  I watched them explode out of a NYC club scene which never truly embraced them.  The club owner Don Hill once shut them down mid-set at his club because Julian supposedly spilled a beer on a stage monitor.  The same thing happened to my band the Hollywood Superstars at Don Hill’s.  Only difference was it was champagne not beer.  Anyway, I clicked on Pitchfork today and saw this cool picture of Julian wearing a vintage Bruce Dickinson Tattooed Millionaire shirt.  I can’t be sure that Julian is a fan of Bruce but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is.  It has been reported that he is a fan of 80’s punk and metal.

Tattooed Millionarie is of course Bruce Dickinson first solo album from 1990.  It was released while he was still a member of Iron Maiden.  It was the first introduction Maiden fans got to former Gillan guitarist Janick Gers who would go on to join Iron Maiden later that same year.

Check out some great retro 1980’s imagery in the new music video by The Voidz.  Julian directed it.

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