Greta Van Fleet is all the rage today, with plenty of publications, and fans calling them things like “the saviors of Rock N Roll” or similar. It is obvious who the band’s main influence is, as they sound an awful lot like Led Zeppelin. I enjoy the band’s music, but what kind of bugs me about them, is they seem to have get a pass while other bands that came before them, did not. Remember Kingdom Come? How come they were lambasted, and had songs written about them, like “Led Clones” by Gary Moore, while a band like GVF is applauded. The track itself invoked Zeppelin type riffs, and enlisted Ozzy Osbourne to sing also. In all fairness they also take a stab at the Whitesnake hit “Still Of The Night”.

Gary Moore – “Led Clones”:

To make matters worse, you had a band like The Black Crowes who were a complete rip off of the Rollings Stones, and The Faces, but people were celebrating them for copying a band that was still around.

The Black Crowes – “Hard To Handle”:

The Faces – “(I Know) I’m Losing You”:

In Kingdom Come’s defense, they at least sounded like a band that was no longer around. It almost became the cool thing to bash them. Fast forward all of these years later, and I’m not seeing Greta Van Fleet receive a pass while Kingdom Come did not. What’s the difference? It’s pretty obvious they’re both drinking from the same well, in retrospect did Kingdom Come receive the right reaction from the press and music fans?

Greta Van Fleet – “Highway Tune”

Kingdom Come – “Get It On”:

Kingdom Come – “What Love Can Be”:

Kingdom Come – “Do You Like It”:

Lead singer Lenny Wolfe did go on to release thirteen albums under the Kingdom Come name, but none of them received the notoriety of those first two albums. The band would also go on to evolve their sound so as to lose the Zeppelin comparison.

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One thought on “Kingdom Come – Should They Have Been Given A Break?

  1. I always liked Kingdom Come and didn’t really get why they got shit for having that sound. I am not a huge fan of Zepp(or the Beatles yup I get shit all the time for it but don’t give a shit) but that first album by Kingdom was great. They got shit for it but still the album went gold extremely fast. It’s almost like everyone was pissed they got put on the Monsters of Rock tour that is when they really started to get that label. Didn’t they even say that Led Zepp was not even an influence on them it was more Beatles and Hendrix?

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