I have known about Benji Webbe, Skindred’s lead singer since he was in his former band Dub War.  He has always been known for his specific style, a mix of reggae, and rap vocals over top of hard rock and metal riffs and music.  I remember playing Dub War’s “Mental” to a bunch of friends, I had just heard it on WSOU, and had never heard that mix of styles before.  I felt it was revolutionary, a mix of Bad Brains, and a metal version of Big Audio Dynamite, with the dance beats, and samples.  Was bummed to find out the band had disintegrated, but shortly after Skindred came about, and they have been a staple on the European metal scene since.  When festival season comes, you’re sure to see the name Skindred somewhere on the bill.  They have a big following, thanks to their live show, interaction with fans, and how their music is at least to me entertaining.  They have a proven formula to to mix great riffs, and melodies that get the crowds going.

The band recently released a single for the track “Machine”, it features Reef singer Gary Stringer and a solo by Phil Campbell of Motorhead fame. The track was also used as the theme to Brian Johnson’s show “Cars That Rock”.

Machine by Skindred on VEVO.

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