On this Kiss themed episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl speaks with Ron Keel and the band Klassik ’78.  Topics include Kiss, Keel, Klassik 78, Vinnie Vincent, the 2017 Atlanta Kiss Expo, Gene Simmons, VH1’s Least Metal Moments TV show and much more.

Ron Keel and Mark Strigl 2018 in Atlanta.


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2 thoughts on “Talking Metal 736 Keel, Klassik ’78 & Kiss

  1. Another good episode. I felt the same way when Keel went country. I fealt he abandon the metal scene because it wasn’t popular and on a decline.


    1. Thanks for listening John! I guess a can’t blame Ron for going country for a bit… a man has got to make a living but I was a bit bummed because on love those first few Keel albums and the Steeler album so much.

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