Rating: 8 out of 10

Follow Me By Liv Sin – 2017 release.

While I will always rock out to US metal bands, I feel that Europe, especially Scandinavia, has really been fertile ground for metal over the past decade. One of my favorite bands of the last ten years was the Swedish band Sister Sin, known for playing good hard, fast, catchy, old-school metal. I was heartbroken in 2015 when Sister Sin decided to call it quits.

My heartbreak was short-lived, however. A brief two years later, Liv Jagrell, the lead singer of Sister Sin, rose from the ashes of Sister Sin and rebranded herself as Liv Sin. This rebranding led to the great album Follow Me. With one listen, and I was hooked! This record (yes, I still unapologetically say “record”) is harder and faster than the music of Sister Sin. The raw power of this record recalls Juda Priest, Doro Pesch (Warlock), and Accept – which shouldn’t be a surprise since Fitty Weinhold of U.D.O co-produced the album. Throw in a pinch of Children of Bodom and a dash of Arch Enemy and, voila! You’ve got Liv Sin.

The first single released, Let Me Out, is my favorite song on the record. The anthemic song displays the powerful voice of Jagrell in a way that Sister Sin never did. The song has a raw edge with a catchy tempo. Very close behind Let Me Out is Liv Sin’s cover of Fight’s Immortal Sin. Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes (another great Scandinavian band) joins Jagrell on this cover, and their voices blend perfectly. Other memorable songs include Follow Me, The Fall, Black Souls, Killing Ourselves to Live, and the required metal ballad Endless Roads.

But this is not a Liv Sin vocal experience only. The bass and drums create a foundation on which to build a memorable metal experience. The guitars swirl around amazing riffs and lift you up until Jangrell’s voice knocks you back. All this builds until it blends to create an album that is at times catchy, at times haunting, and all times fun to listen to, leaving you breathless and wanting more.

That last line is where I am now – wanting more Liv Sin. Rock on!

Review by Mark Morris.

I am Mark Morris, and I don’t dance – I headbang! I am a longtime metalhead, going back to the early 80’s. I love all types of metal – classic, power, and death metal are my favorites. I love conversation with interesting people, and I can be found on Twitter at @marknotjohn. Rock on!

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