On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl interviews Tony Higbee (East Side Gamblers / Tom Keifer / Damon Johnson), James Rivera (Helstar / Shadowkeep) and Kyle Thomas (Trouble / Exhorder).

The first interview with Tony Higbee is conducted by Mark Strigl and Mitch Lafon.  It was recorded on May 4th, 2018 at the M3 Rock Festival.

Connect with Tony on Facebook and Twitter: @tonyhigbee

Here’s a couple photos our friend Nick Dumont took of Tony at the 2018 M3 Rock Festival.


Up next, we hear from vocalist James Rivera.  The interview starts 34 minutes into the show.  James tells about the brand new self-titled Shadowkeep album, gives us an update on Helstar and much more.

Connect with Shadowkeep and Helstar on Facebook.

Shadowkeep’s self-titled album.

Lastly, Mark speaks with vocalist Kyle Thomas of Exhorder and Helstar.  This interview starts at the 1:08:15 mark.

Be sure to keep up with all things Exhorder on their Facebook page.


Kyle Thomas of Exhorter and Trouble.

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