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Joey Hanyie and Mark Strigl talk about what they like to see for a final Kiss tour.  Other topics include Rock N Pod Expo 2, M3, Vinnie Vincents upcoming plans and Motley Crue.

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Mark Strigl and Joey Haynie in 2014.

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Kiss in 1979.



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6 thoughts on “Talking Rock: The End Of Kiss

  1. I’d like to see during the 2018 Kruise since the theme this year is Decades At Sea for the indoor Seventies theme show for Ace Frehley to rejoin in full Spaceman regalia as a warmup for the 2019 End Of The Road world tour if all goes well on there which so far for the past now going on twelve years of sobriety for Ace it has!!!!!!!!

  2. I’d like them to do a Kissology tour where every living member is brought out to play at least one song. Then settle back and just do like the Bee Gees and play no more than five shows a year. They could honestly do a North American, European, Asian and Australian Kruise and clean up. Paul’s voice would be perfect, given how much he rests the rest of the year.

  3. Better play for 3 hours,take 20 minute break,n run through there Carole?or it will suck,2 hours isn’t enough time for the kiss final show:please no show opener to put us to sleep!spend some of that money gene,n say goodbye 2 the fans/thank them for everything,huge show,so we never forget KISS🤘🤘🤘🤘😎

  4. Been a listener of Talking Metal for a while BUT… Talking ROCK is my new favorite podcast. Why? I love how REAL you got, Mark, when talking about VV and other top;ics in this episode. I love how V’s recent quotes were openly challenged and the comments made about Motley. I totally agree but haven’t heard others vocalize. I know it must be hard, trying to do interviews with some of these musicians and not wanting to piss them off, but the honest opinions are refreshing. Cheers to you Mark and Joey.

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