On this episode of Westwood One’s Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, new interviews with guitarist Nita Strauss, singer Geoff Tate & Ju Ju Hound/Buckcherry bassist Jimmy Ashhurst. Whitesnake’s Joel Hoekstra co-hosts.

In our first interview, we talk to guitarist Nita Strauss about her new solo album Controlled Chaos, working with Alice Cooper, her signature guitar, the term ‘female guitarist’, Steve Vai, We Start Wars, Wrestlemania, hired gun, and more.

Nita Strauss

In our second interview we talk to vocalist Geoff Tate about his 30th Anniversary tour of the album Operation: Mindcrime, the genesis of the album, the writing process, MTV & Eyes Of A Stranger, the success of Empire, holding on to the Operation:Mindcrime name and ability to perform it, Operation:Mindcrime the screenplay/movie, his upcoming tour with Avantasia, Hear In The Now Frontier being the reason Chris DeGarmo left and much more

Finally, Ju Ju Hound Jimmy Ashhurst talks about the band, Izzy Stradlin, his time in Buckcherry and being fired, Ginger Wildheart, the 2009 KISS tour, working with Andy Johns, Buckcherry’s 15 album, his early band The Broken Homes, Izzy quitting Guns N’ Roses and knowing ahead of time, the song Too Drunk, and more.

Co-host Joel Hoekstra talks about the show’s guests as well as the current Whitesnake/ Foreigner tour, the reasons behind the delay of the band’s new album, working with CHER, his fandom of Queensrÿche and more.

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