Here is a quick glance at some of the albums coming out today.

Ghost – Prequelle

As most probably know, a lawsuit brought on by former members of the band forced Tobias Forge to confirm the rumor that had been floating around for years, in which he was the lead singer and mastermind behind the band. Thanks to that lawsuit the band has retooled itself and loaded back up with a new set of players, including Forge at Cardinal Copia, and a new set of Nameless Ghouls that are known as Alchemy fire symbol.svgAlchemy water symbol.svgAether symbol.jpgAlchemy air symbol.svgAlchemy earth symbol.svg.  The lawsuit has seemed to fuel Forge to prove that his former band members (now components of the band Priest) had little to do with the band’s direction.  It seems as if he’s going out of his way to blow aways the band’s previous releases with Prequelle. If you happen to pick up the deluxe version, you’ll hear the band’s rendition of the Pet Shop Boys classic “It’s A Sin” which plays nicely into the band’s modus operandi.

Def Leppard – Volume One Box Set

This first volume will cover the band’s first four, and biggest albums, On Through The Night, High ‘N’ Dry, Pyromania and Hysteria. The boxed set will include the studio albums, B-sides and a live album already released with the deluxe version of Pyromania called Live A The LA Forum 1983. For a band that has continuously re-released their albums, in various types of deluxe packages, it makes you wonder why they’ve chosen to release this now? Also, let it sink in that three other volumes will be released down the road, no information has come out on those. Will those revolver around other releases by the band? Bootlegs? Unreleased tracks? It is a cool set for sure, hand picked by Joe Elliott himself, but to the die-hards who will more than likely be the ones pulling the trigger on this, will it get much play given this doesn’t really include anything new?  I love these albums, and the band, but this reminds me of bands releasing a Greatest Hits Volume 1, when you know that encapsulates all of their hits, and a Volume 2 is never going to happen.  Will be interesting to see what they have instore for us.

Kataklysm – Meditations

The band has been making the rounds, promoting the album these past few weeks, without including all of the videos their label, Nuclear Blast, has been releasing in preparation for the band’s 13th album. Although the Canadian band works in some new elements into this album, the formula fans have come to love is there.

Gruesome – Twisted Prayers

2015’s Savage Land surprised a lot of people, and made plenty of year end lists. The band’s second full length, Twisted Prayers is set to pick up with the previous album left off. The band is spread out among California and Florida. The band was essentially put together as a tribute to the band Death, after Matt Harvey and Gus Rios became involved in several Death For All tours.

Other releases coming out today:

Nervosa – Downfall Of Mankind

Roger Daltrey – As Long As I Have You

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6 thoughts on “New Releases June 1st, 2018: Ghost, Def Leppard + More

  1. Victor,I picked up the vinyl box Def Leppard:should be here today!also got new ghost,favorite tracks are pro memoria/see the light🤘!have you been to open air wAcken festival in Germany?id like to go,I need to know if they have good security there???or is it bAd?any info would help,thanks Gerry😎🤘

    1. I’d love to get that Def Leppard boxed set, but it costs over $200 here, which is pretty steep, given there isn’t a whole heck of a lot that’s part of the boxed set that I don’t already have. The Ghost album is the first one that I’ve listed to that I like out of the gates that I don’t have to listen to 16 times before me liking it. I’ve never been to Wacken, but tickets sell out a year in advance. Anything you find are from agencies or scalpers. It’s the largest hard rock/metal festival and it’s supposedly a home run all the way around. But again, I’ve never been there. It is four days long, and people star showing up a month early! To be honest would love to go to that, Download, Hellfest and Resurrection Festival.

        1. No problem, another thing about Wacken is that they only sell 30,000 tickets, they could probably do close to 45K or 50K a year, but prefer to have a controlled environment, where they can assure that everyone has a great experience. Not the case of other festivals, where you go there, and camping area has tents on top of each other, piss flowing out of urinals, and shower water which is knee deep. Unfortunately I’ve seen all of this! A lot of people show up early to Wacken, as in a week early to get a great camping spot, sometimes sooner, depending on what they permit that year. Once the festival is done, they start clean up, and working on the following year’s event. Last year they invested a bunch of money to install underground piping that would take ontap beer to various points of festival. So they have a centralized location that feeds cold beer throughout the ground.

          I’d love to go one year, just haven’t been able to pull it off.

  2. Def Leppard box set was 160 on amozon!👍Used the talking metal link👍🤘cranking it right now/high n dry l p

    1. Would love to be able to pull the trigger! Someday, those first three albums are so great, and Hysteria has its moments for me. I enjoy tracks off of most of their albums, but there are some hot steaming turds in their catalog as well. I’m just a sap that’s always gone out and picked up their albums hoping it would be closer to some of the albums that I really love by the band. Wish they’d let Vivian write more, but I doubt that will ever happen, good thing we have Last In Line and Riverdogs to hear Vivian do his thing.

      Like I said in the original post, will be interesting to see what they do for the next three volumes.

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