On this episode of Westwood One’s Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, new interviews with TREMONTI, Hardcore Superstar’s Jocke Berg and The Magpie Salute’s Rich Robinson. No co-host this week. I’m flying solo!

Our first guest is guitarist Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge and Tremonti. We discuss the new album A Dying Machine, the accompanying novel, a CREED reunion, the tour with Seether, concept albums, making a movie?, Alter Bridge’s Live At The Royal Albert Hall, balancing the two bands (Tremonti & Alter Bridge – ie. two brands), work on Alter Bridge’s next new album, he explains his career success, Wolfgang Van Halen, and more.

Next up – is Hardcore Superstar’s Jocke Berg. We discuss their upcoming new album You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll, 20th anniversary, conquering North America, a new live album, street metal, the Swedish Rock scene, line up changes, their first album – It’s Only Rock N’ Roll and more

Our third and final interview this episode is with The Magpie Salute’s Rich Robinson. We talk about their new album High water 1, putting the album together, The Black Crowes, his connection with his band, the appeal of being in a band over solo, building a new brand rather than touring as The Black Crowes, corporate music is a problem, The Black Crowes’ Shake Your Money Maker album, and more.

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