Unless you have been living under a rock, you saw the social media posts by Tommy Lee that sent Crue fans, and hard rock and metal sites into a frenzy over what was posted.  Is the Crue back?  Could this be that the band is working on material with Bob Rock for The Dirt, which is coming out on Netflix?  Could it just be Nikki and Tommy recording sound canvases for the movie to be played during scenes?  Could Nikki and Tommy be working on a new project? Or could Tommy and Bob be working on the next Sixx:AM album?  So many questions, so many rumors, if I were to bet, I would think this is them working on something related to The Dirt.  Remember they signed that agreement to no longer TOUR, they never nixed the idea of there not being new music by the band, or one off dates.  Which is kind of a loophole, because they can play five festival dates in Europe next summer to help promote the movie, make millions, and technically not tour.

Not to be outdone, we also have received word on Mick Mars, who continues to work on his solo album.  So it gives you the impression that his Motley rhythm section is off working on their own at the moment.  Here is an Ernie Ball video which has Mick talking about his playing, his upcoming solo release, and of course, guitar strings.  He thinks he’s going to alienate a lot of his fans with his new material, but I don’t know of too many die-hards that will turn their backs, Especially after checking out this clip.  Maybe morning zoo fans that only listen to “Girls, Girls, Girls” on Fridays jammed in between “Bang On The Drum All Day” and “Working For The Weekend.”

Here are the Instagram posts of Nikki and Tommy that popped up a few days ago.

Bass in yo face!!! @nikkisixxpixx

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It’s that new shit!!!!

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