On this episode of the Talking Metal podcast we hear new interviews with Bill Temple, Dan Lorenzo and Perturbator.

First up, Mark Strigl and Ian McCurdy interview longtime Vinnie Vincent roadie Bill Temple.  Topics include Mark Chatfield, Wolf Hoffman, Pete Way,  Vinnie Vincent’s guitars, working with Vinnie Vincent, Mark Slaughter, Dana Strum, Kiss, Traci Guns and LA Guns physically attacking him, Randy Dietrick, Bobby Rock, his falling out with Vinnie Vincent and much more.

Woodshed by Vessel Of Light

Then starting 1 hour 3 mins into the podcast Mark Strigl interviews former Hades and Non-Fiction guitarist Dan Lorenzo.  His new band is called  Vessel of Light and their great new release is Woodshed.  Buy it now using our Amazon links!  Interview topics with Dan Lorenzo include the Ancient VVisdom, the new Vessel of Light album Woodshed, the Talking Metal Snowblind jam with Rob Dukes (watch it below), religion, vegetarianism, Painful Pleasures, Hustle Butter, Steppin Out magazine, the environment, Hades, the Old Bridge Militia, Scott Ian, RUN DMC, NonFiction, The Cursed, Bobby Blitz and much more.

Visit DanLorenzo.net

This episode’s final interview is with James Kent AKA Perturbator and it was conducted by Emily Strigl at Heavy Montreal.  This chat starts at the 1:58:00 mark.

Emily interviewing Perturbator at Heavy Montreal.

Photos of Perturbator at Heavy MTL on July 29, 2018 by Pierre Bourgault.


Dan Lorenzo and Rob Dukes jam Snowblind with Talking Metal.

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Emily and Pertrubator – 2018.
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