Streaming television is the future.  People are cutting the cord.  Cable companies and Fios are scrambling as the writing is on the wall.  It’s soon gonna be over for them.

A October 2017, a Harvard Business Review article stated the following: “Netflix looks like an old-school TV network; if one had to predict what the industry will look like in five years, one might say there will be a set of online channels with the expectation that consumers will subscribe to all or most of them. At $15 a month each, that suggests consumers will take four or five of them instead of a normal monthly cable bill. Netflix is investing to be the “must subscribe” channel in that world.”

The big question is: Who will be the other three or four “must subscribe” channels? For me, one of them is Night Flight-Plus.  I subscribe to it for like $4 a month and the music video content (concerts, films, documentaries) it provides me with are just awesome.  My wife and I sit in our bed and watch it on our big flat screen using Amazon Fire TV.  The quality of the content looks and sounds great.  I recently wrote about it on the official Night Flight website.  Read the article by clicking here.

You can subscribe to Night Flight-Plus too: use the promo code “talkingmetal” — all one word — and get $5 off the annual subscription price by going here!

Also be sure to listen to my interview with Night Flight’s Stuart Shapiro on Talking Metal episode 773.


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