I am and always have been a huge Enuff Z’Nuff.  I joined their fan club in 1989 (really) and have bought every album since.  One of the most overlooked bands in history.   I am actually planning to go see the Chip Z’Nuff fronted version of the band this Thursday at the Stone Pony.  Chip is a class act who keeps the flag flying for this great band.  Former Enuff Z’Nuff singer and songwriter, Donnie Vie, was a major part of the band’s incredible history and this week he has released a new song.  I do like hearing his voice again but the song is a downer, much like his Facebook posts which tended to bitch and moan about the state of things… “remember the good old days” type of thing.  I actually had to block him on Facebook when his posts became offensive and even racist.  Chip continues to speak highly of Donnie in interviews, Donnie hasn’t shown Chip the same respect.

Here’s Donnie’s new song if you care.  I guess it’s worth one listen to hear his great voice singing again even if the lyrics are awful.

Donnie Vie’s Beautiful Things
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4 thoughts on “Donnie Vie (Ex-Enuff Z’Nuff) Back With A New Song

  1. Seriously? The lyrics are “awful”? They may not be groundbreaking, but they are certainly no worse than Chip’s lyrics on his new album.

  2. Seriously? The song is super, the album is great and with Donnie / you know the attitude is what it is/ for better or worse.
    You cannot claim THIS is awful while also admitting you are paying hard earned cash to go see Chips Karaoke band live.
    That farse is awful -and if anyone needs tangible proof/ simply go to YouTube and watch him pretend to sing the EZN catalog. Shameful money grab to avoid getting on with his life/ which Mr. Vie is at least trying to do. Diamond Boy..,, lmao.

  3. Awful lyrics? Its about remembering when great new rock bands like the beatles, led zeppelin, acdc, tom petty the stones, rush, black sabbath, judas priest etc.. would litterally change and evolve musical history. Are you implying there are still new bands of that caliber are coming out today? It mentions when guys like martin luther king or malcom x or john lennon dedicated or Sacrificed their lives or marched for a cause to stop terrible things like racism and war. Do we have guys like that today? It mentions when u met girlfriends or friends by going out interacting with people as opposed to finding them on facebook where you dont know who or what they are , what they really look like except what they tell you. It remembers b4 the global warming and destruction of the planet, it refers to when people could party and it was fun and fuckin at the drive in etc.. hes saying ” all i want is people to care about other people. No more terrorists or mindless destruction of other countries and prejudice mindsets, and how simple of a thing to change much of these things. He says if he were king he’d stop letting this stuff carry on and destroying everything and save the world. How is that awful? Dont you agree with all this? I think you just have it out for the guy and nothing he could do to gain your respect. All you do is talk shit about him but if he takes offense and says anything back that hes the bad guy. But you love chip who looks and acts like a clown, takes all donnies songs and says he wrote them. Takes all the credit for everything except the blame which all goes to donnie cuz he has substance problems like half the world, yet he wrote n sang all those great songs and records. Why do you just slam him? Because he gets offended by you printing nothing but negative thing about him? I think it says more about you.

  4. You folks do realize that music is subjective, and your opinion isn’t fact? You like something, and someone doesn’t. No biggie, regardless of anyone’s opinion, that shouldn’t keep you from continuing to enjoy someone’s music. Also understand that no one here will understand 100% of the drama between band members, current or former. Because you read something, or have heard something, doesn’t mean you know what’s actually taking place between two people, nonetheless between two members of a group that have had plenty of issues between them, and plenty of issues of their own to deal with.

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