Mark Strigl plays some great tunes and then talks to Victor Ruiz about his decision to end Earpeeler. 

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8 thoughts on “Talking Metal 776 The End Of Earpeeler

  1. mark/ both of your guys knowledge of music.victor/3 years ago mark played he is from ghost.huge ghost fans since.seen them 3 times now here on long island.4 will be in Brooklyn ny in December,hope papa plays zenith/bonus track/its a great song.i purchased the v.i.p. tickets/meet n greet with cardinal copia.n beers with mark n Emily between sets.december 15/cant victor play some great tunes on the new mars attacks.turn us on to great music.last thing/make sure you guys spell out the artists name n song title.took me forever to find this band mustasch on I tunes/another great band mark n mitch turned me onto.gerry.thanks for all the reviews on new music victor/up the irons/and ghosts

  2. mark/whats the deal with tommy London/sugar red song was great/krank it up a other songs on the I tunes.need more info on this guy.does he have album coming out/or one hit wonder like aldo nova?great song though/hope hes got show up for me is trivium at the paramount in huntington long island/ny/should be awesome/drummer is sick.then its of to boston for some bruins hockey vs montreal on the 27/followed by Kansas on the November 16/v.i.p. and bill burr at the garden 11/7/mark please play down from the sky from trivium/n turn it up to 11/thanks for all the podcasts gerry

  3. Always love having Victor back on Talking Metal, wish Skype had behaved a little bit more, but I’m sure you guys wished that too. Great interview!!!

    Best of luck, Victor!!!

  4. Hi,
    Mark, you can stop wringing your hands over John. Even I am a post-John era listener! TM is you and Emily. To the listener John is a welcome contributor every now and then. Once a month, once a year, it doesn’t matter.
    As for the branding ….. I feel your pain, as someone who has albums out under a few different names. You’re a big Kiss fan, well that also stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. Easier said than done.
    I’d welcome more input from Victor as long as you guys used a landline! This was a tough episode to get through. I couldn’t.
    This post seems negative, it’s not meant to be.

    1. Anthony,

      I hear ya! Yeah, the connection with Victor has been rough the last couple times he has been on. We will need to look for a Skype alternative next time.

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