First up, drummer Simon Wright talks about his  Let There Be Rock – Orchestrated shows, his time in AC/DC and Dio, Dream Child, new music by Dio Disciples & much more.

The 2nd interview is with Pete Agnew from Nazareth. It starts at the 44-minute mark. Topics include the great new album Tattooed on My Brain, Carl Sentence, Yann Rouiller, Roger Glover, Jeff Baxter, the song Love Hurts, Guns n’ Roses, and much more.

Pete Agnew of Nazareth

The third interview is with Mick Box of Uriah Heep and starts at 1 hour 14 minutes into the podcast. Topics include the new album Living the Dream, Jay Ruston, the late Trevor Bolder, the relationship between the band members, his influences, on whether or not the band could continue without him and much more.

The final interview is with Lance King. It begins at the one 1:40:30 mark.  Be sure to check out and the trailer below.

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One thought on “Talking Metal 778 Simon Wright, Nazareth, Uriah Heep & Lance King

  1. Hi Mark,

    I don’t know if you remember me, I’m Jonathan Turner lately of the UAE and now of Beijing China! We moved over here with the family in August as we wanted a change and I found a job as a training manager here. Anyway I’m writing to apolgise for dropping off Patreon. It wasn’t intentional it was because the accouint I had linked to it got closed when we left the UAE and now I have a Chinese account, which is impossible to use as it’s all in Chinese! Anyway, I promise I’ll get it sorted and keep up the good work. I’ve also included my new email address below ans my old one was linked to my job in the UAE. By the way metal is pretty underground in China but there is a dedicated following, I’ve seen mostly hardcore bands including Cancer Bats and some Chinese death metal, but there’s not much hard rock unfortunately.

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