On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl speaks to Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of RUN-DMC and Fragile Mortals and Chris Akin.

The episode is co-hosted by Emily Strigl and Watt White.

First up, we check out a cover of the Ghostbusters theme song done in the style of Ghost by Watt White of Maplewood, NJ.  He formerly played with the band the Smash Up.  Check out Watt’s YouTube channel.  Follow him on Twitter and visit WattWhite.com

The interview with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of RUN-DMC fame starts at the 20 minutes mark of the podcast.  Topics include his book Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide: A Memoir, his love of rock music, the Dynamic Musical Collaboration album, the Back From the Dead EP, Jason Rockman of Slaves On Dope, police shootings, John Moyer of Disturbed, “Run” Simmons, Jam Master Jay, Tony Moore, his plans for a concert film, DJ Charlie Chan, Tim Armstrong, Michael Jackson, Bubbles the monkey, his graphic novel, Fragile Mortals, Rob Dukes, mental health issues, the Sound on Sound studio in Montclair, NJ and much more.

The interview with Chris Akin from the Classic Metal Show starts 1 hour 28 minutes into the show.  Topics include his new book Cause and Effect: Turbo (out 11/23, preorder now at ChrisAkinBooks.com ), stealing albums from K-Mart, K.K. Downing, Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken and much more.

DMC & Strigl at Sound On Sound studios in Montclair, NJ – 2018.

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