I used to like the Pumpkins back in the 1990s, I believe I saw them at least 3 times live, maybe 4.  I have not really followed them since and was not overly excited by their recent reunion without D’Arcy tour.  Maybe I should have gone and checked it out but I didn’t.  Having said that, every time I hear a new song by them over the past 15 years, it’s usually pretty good.  Today I watched their new music video for a song called “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts).  After somehow not closing out of it during the over 2 minute, boring and unnecessary intro by Mark McGrath, I made it to the actual song.  It’s a good listen, solid song.  I like it and it makes me want to check out the new album HINY AND OH SO BRIGHT VOL. 1 / LP: NO PAST. NO FUTURE. NO SUN which comes out on Nov. 16Knowing that Rick Rubin is producing makes me even more interested.  It’s the band’s first in 18 years to feature founding members Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin, alongside longtime guitarist Jeff Schroeder.  Check the music video out below.  I suggest you jump to the 2-minute mark to avoid the poorly scripted and unnecessary intro from McGrath.

The Smashing Pumpkins – 2018

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