Former Kiss guitarist, Vinnie Vincent, took to the stage last night in Flordia to perform 3 Kiss songs with the band Four By Fate which features former members of Frehley’s Comet.  Vinnie was known for his great songwriting and flashing guitar playing.  Some fans have questioned if he can still “shred” on the guitar.  Earlier this year at the Atlanta Kiss Expo he strummed some tunes on an acoustic but the 3 songs he performed on October 30 in Flordia were on an electric.  I believe this is the first time he has played an electric guitar in public in many decades, right?  I thought he sounded great and played with confidence.  He sticks strictly to rhythm but does squeeze in a couple of cool whammy bar moments.  Can Vinnie still shred?  The verdict is still out but it was fun seeing him join Four By Fate last night in the YouTube clip I watched.   He even performed in Kiss makeup!

Vinnie Vincent will perform his first full concert in 30 years in Memphis, TN on December 7, 2018.  For more info visit:

Vinnie Vincent and Mark Strigl 1/20/18

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