How did you first become aware of Alan Tecchio?

I think Resisting Success was released in 1987. I was 15/16 and played guitar already. Alan must have been 20/21 and when you are 15/16 those guys with record deals seem unreachable for you. Ha ha. I really loved that album and this Resisting Success attitude. Never sell your soul for commercial success, you know. I followed his career more or less from day one. To me he was the perfect fit for Watchtower, I really loved that album too. But most of all I’m a huge Non Fiction fan. I always wanted to be the lead guitarist in Non Fiction. Ha ha. So, that we are making music together now is a dream came true.

What’s the hardest thing about working with artists that are half a world away?

Thanks to modern technology it’s not that hard. We send our ideas via mail and every one works on that at home. You don’t have to book studios anymore. I’m using Cubase, for example, and I can record anything I need with that. Living in different time zones doesn’t make it easier though, but it’s ok.

Of course I’m missing jamming in a rehearsal room and playing live won’t be easy too, I’m afraid.

I first heard the song “Womb To Tomb” in 2015, along with a cover of Depeche Mode’s “In Your Room”.  Why did it take so long from those initial recordings and 1104?

First of all. Level Fields didn’t do “In Your Room.” That was the so far unreleased Mind’s Mirror project Alan was contributing to.

Actually it started in 2013 with the first son Enough. Why did it take so long? Well, we have our daytime jobs, families, other bands and we take the time we need to write the songs. I’m in Poverty’s No Crime. Alan had to finish the Watchtower and the Silent Assassins songs. That’s it basically.

Does “Womb To Tomb” vary from the 2015 version?

Not much. I wasn’t happy with the rhythm guitars I recorded back then (soundwise). So I re-recorded them. It’s heavier now. I recorded some more guitars for older songs. All the songs were re-mastered.

Being that you’re also in Poverty’s No Crime, how do you separate what material goes to that band, and what goes to Level Fields?

Most of the songs in Poverty’s No Crime are written by our singer and guitarist Volker Walsemann. PNC is rather Prog Rock/Metal, but I also like Doom and Thrash and heavy stuff. So, when I write something, the heavier stuff goes to Level Fields. But lately I only wrote for Level Fields to be honest.

Is your gear the same in both bands, or did you experiment when recording 1104?

Oh, a gear question… J. Ha ha. Poverty’s No Crime started in 1991 and all records from Symbiosis to Chemical Chaos were recorded on a 24 track tape machine with tube amps and analog equipment. That changed in 2007 when we used ProTools in the studio for the first time. Drums, rhythm guitars (we used a Brunetti amp) and bass were recorded there, rest at home. You can do a lot of stuff at home using plug In’s like Guitar Rig for additional guitars.

For Level Fields I had to experiment a lot as this is a transatlantic project. I can’t afford to rent a studio, so I have to use digital solutions. I started to record all guitars and basses with Guitar Rig, but somehow the punch was missing. I then started mixing Guitar Rig with the SansAmp PSA -1. I also tried the Mesa CabClone, so I can use my tube amps without blowing the walls while my children are sleeping.

Finally I came to the Kemper Profiling Amp and I am very happy with that. That’s the reason I re-recorded some of the older tracks. Now they sound like they were supposed to be. Especially Womb To Tomb!
I also use the Kemper in Poverty’s No Crime. Live and for rehearsals. We haven’t recorded with it yet. For the last album (Spiral Of Fear) we gave all the clean guitar parts away to re-amp them. Simone Mularoni did a great job mixing and mastering the CD. Apart from the drums we recorded anything at home, sent the files to Simone and he did all the rest. That was our cheapest and best sounding album. That’s the way it goes these days. I sometimes miss the times hanging in the studio. Hit the tape machine and capture the moment. On the other hand a band like Level Fields would never have happened without the digital stuff!!!

Where should people go to keep up with Level Fields and Poverty’s No Crime?

Both bands have no classical home page anymore. You can find all the latest news on our facebook pages.

Level Fields:

Poverty’s No Crime:

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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