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Inglorious is one of those newer bands that I have truly embraced. I absolutely love there sound and the fact that they take from their influences. That is a thought to ponder, as there are other bands that have received much radio airplay as of late that I truly have no desire to listen to as they seem to have no thoughts of  creating a sound of their own – but we’re not here to talk about that are we? We’re here to talk about this – Inglorious’s latest release Ride To Nowhere. In terms of this release it’s a bitter pill to swallow as 3/5’s of the line-up that recorded the album have moved on to work on other projects. I won’t get into the logistics surrounding the bands line-up demise because frankly it has nothing to do with the music created. For those that are Inglorious fans I am sure you are well aware of the situation. I think it’s best to simply embrace the last of the three albums created by what would be the original line-up of Inglorious. What I can say about Inglorious up until this point – the previous two albums simply titled I and II were nothing short of amazing. So it comes to be expected that Ride to Nowhere will be just as good.

Well… there are some really bright spots, but then there is the odd track that I feel just doesn’t live up to the previous work of the band. Now that could be that I am not that comfortable with the material yet. Sometimes that can be the case. I will say this after a few listens that I do enjoy the material enough to keep listening, so there is something here. I must ponder once again this thought – possibly it was best that the previous members rode off into the sunset as to have no part in tarnishing any future legacy? Is it better to burn out rather than fade away? In this case, that may be so. We can also be objective in the thinking that possibly the new line-up will bring a breath of fresh air to the music. That remains to be seen. Possibly this is a David Coverdale scenario where a new line up is necessary every few years to keep the ideas coming. They always say you have your whole life to write your first album. It can be that the changing of members, those who are pretty well unknown that can possibly change the fortunes of a band running through the motions. This is all speculation and I must say that the previous line-up will be pretty hard to replace.

The opening track and lead-off single “Where Are You Now” seems to get things off to a rolling start. It is a slightly different track for the band, but still possesses that incredible hook that Inglorious have become infamous for. Singer Nathan James seems to using his voice slightly different on this album. Could it be that after much touring he has decided to sing in a lower register at times to not do any serious damage in the future? The album really does have some bright spots. “Freak Show” features a more laid back Fender Strat sound rather than the in your face Les Paul grind. I find this song to be very upbeat and seems to be a sound that Inglorious fans have come to embrace in the past.  “Time To Go” is a very infectious track with great riffing and stellar vocal delivery. The drums drive the song nicely. “Ride to Nowhere” adds a nice depth to the album as it has a different feel to it. It’s has more of a 90’s vibe rather than the normal 70’s/80’s thing the band has done previously. The track that really captures me is “I Don’t Know You”. It has a slow ballad type intro that leads into a killer, hook laden 70’s hard rock style tune. Stellar.

Overall, I am not dissatisfied with Ride to Nowhere, I really think there is some serious stand out material, but I also feel there are certain songs that may have to grow on me. This is one of those albums that you put in the “Not Sure Yet” pile. Could this be a Motley Crue Theatre of Pain situation, where the third album doesn’t live up to the expectations of the second album Shout at the Devil? That is quite possible too. This happens. I would not say to not make the purchase because frankly this material is better than most stuff I hear on the radio today, but in terms of Inglorious, it doesn’t give me the same feeling the previous two albums did. That may change the more I listen to it.

Stand out Tracks: “Where Are You Now”, “Time To Go”, “Freakshow”, “I Don’t Know You”, “Ride To Nowhere”

Review by Tyson Briden




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