On this episode of Talking Metal, I speak with 3 friends who all have some great new music.  I’m really happy with all 3 of these interviews.  It’s an awesome listen if I don’t say so myself.

Bello and Ellefson

First up, Frank Bello of Anthrax talks about the new album by Altitudes & Attitude called Get It Out, Kiss, Ace Frehley, Jay Ruston, Slash, Dave Ellefson, NYC open mic nights, Anthrax’s plans for 2019, songwriting, his acting career, and much more.

Then at 26 minutes into the episode, we hear from Ron Keel. Topics include Keelfest, the Ron Keel Band, Keel, Steeler, the song Road Ready, the Fight Like A Band album, David Ellefson, his time with Black Sabbath, Patreon, the Emerald Sabbath project, the inaccuracies in Tony Iommi’s book, Dana Strum, his Black Sabbath demo, Spencer Proffer, Ronnie James Dio, Geezer, Don Arden, his signed contract with Black Sabbath, and much more.

Lastly, we hear from the great guitarist and songwriter Kane Roberts who is known best for his work with Alice Cooper. This interview starts at the 01:06:45 mark. Topics include Brent Smith from Shinedown, Alice Cooper, Kip Winger, The New Normal album,  Nita Strauss, his upcoming music video,  the song Leave This World Behind,  Bob Ezrin, Shep Gordon and much more.

Ron Keel and Mark Strigl 2018 in Atlanta.

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Mark Strigl in 2019.
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