One of our favorite Talking Metal listeners, Leo Scheben AKA Leo from Alaska put together a list of some of his favorite releases from 2018.  I think Leo has great taste in music and he has turned me on to a lot of great stuff in the past.  Check out his list below.

Leo’s Top 11 Albums of 2018:

1.) YOB – Our Raw Heart

2.) SLEEP – The Sciences

3.) CONAN – Existential Void Guardian

4.) The Skull – The Endless Road Turns Dark

5.) Ghost – Prequelle

6.) Autopsy – Puncturing the Grotesque

7.) Painted Doll – Painted Doll

8.) Dylan Carlson (from EARTH) – Conquistador

9.) Witch Mountain – Witch Mountain

10.) Various Artists – HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Volume III

11.) Derek Smalls – Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Aging)


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