It’s no secret that I like all styles of rock music.  Having said that, Weezer is one of my favorite bands from the 1990s.  They’re actually one of my favorite bands of all-time.  They always have worn their hard rock influences on their sleeves.  A Quiet Riot poster is seen in the inside album art of the Blue album.  They sing about Kiss in the song In The Garage.  When I saw they play live last summer in NJ they ended the set with a short version of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid.  So I guess it should be of no surprise that their covers new album that came out today includes a full version of that same song.  Check out the The Teal Album by Weezer  Listen to Paranoid here:

Weezer – The Teal Album




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One thought on “Weezer Cover Sabbath

  1. Strangely enough it’s the most changed of all the songs on the album. It’s decent. Needs 8s on the hi hat and Rivers singing though.
    The whole album took me a few listens to stop scratching my head and just enjoy. They’re having a great time alright. Looking forward to the black album.

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