We are wishing Bernie Tormé all the best but we’re afraid this doesn’t sound good.  It has been reported that he is in intensive care on a ventilator with double pneumonia.  Tormé seems most famous for briefly taking over for Randy Rhoads in Ozzy’s band for a handful of shows.  I encourage everyone to listen to the awesome work he did with Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan in the band Gillan.  The album Future Shock by Gillan is a personal favorite of mine.  His guitar solos on the track Sacre Bleu of that album are so incredible.  His playing is hard and heavy but with a blues edge.  He had a great raw tube driven tone.  Instead of just talking about how he played in Ozzy band for five minute, go check out some of the albums he actually played on.  Beside Gillan he also did recording with Dee Snider and Phil Lewis.


Solo albums:

  • Bernie Tormé Band ― Live At The Vortex Vol.1 (2 tracks contributed to compilation) (1977)
  • Bernie Tormé Band ― “I’m Not Ready” (7″) (1978)
  • Bernie Tormé Band ― Punk Or What (recordings from 1976—1978 unreleased until 1999)
  • Bernie Tormé Band ― Bernie Tormé Band (EP) “Weekend”/”Secret Service”/”All Night”/”Instant Impact” with Phil Spalding and Mark Harrison (1979)
  • Bernie Tormé And The Electric Gypsies ― Turn Out The Lights (1982) – UK #50[4]
  • Bernie Tormé And The Electric Gypsies ― Electric Gypsies (1983)
  • TorméBack To Babylon (1986, With Phil Lewis)
  • Tormé – Die Pretty, Die Young (1987, With Phil Lewis)
  • Tormé – Demolition Ball (1993, With ex-Samson singer Gary Owen)
  • Bernie Tormé – Wild Irish (1997, A project with Anti-Nowhere League members Chris Jones and John Pearce)
  • Bernie Tormé – White Trash Guitar (1999, A project with Anti-Nowhere League members Chris Jones and John Pearce)
  • Bernie Tormé – Flowers & Dirt (2014)
  • Bernie Tormé – Blackheart (2015)
  • Bernie Tormé – Dublin Cowboy (2017)
  • Bernie Tormé – Shadowland (2018)

With Gillan:

With Atomic Rooster:

With GMT:

  • Cannonball (2006, EP)
  • Bitter And Twisted (2006)
  • Evil Twin (2008)
  • Raw – Live (2011)


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