On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl celebrates legendary rock drummer Carmine Appice with new interviews with guitarist Mick Mars (Motley Crue), Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Blue Murder, Rod Stewart and many more) and guitarist Pat Travers.

First up we hear from Mick Mars.  Topics include Carmine Appice, Ozzy’s Bark At the Moon tour, Edgar Winter, Guitar Zeus, Vanilla Fudge on Ed Sullivan, Nashville, the status of his solo album, the type singer he is looking for, Motley Crue, his feelings on the Dirt movie and more.

The second interview is with drummer Carmine Appice and it starts 29:30 into the episode.  Topics include his health, Guitar Zeus, Jeff Beck’s Blow by Blow, Jeff Watson, Bumblefoot, Rod Stewart, Brian May, John Sykes, Vinnie Vincent, Derek Christopher, Jim Crean and much more.

The final interview is with guitarist Pat Travers and it starts at the 1:09:40 mark.  Topics include Carmine Appice, the song Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?, the Crash and Burn album, Tommy Aldridge, Nicko McBrain, his anxiety, David Pastorius, his upcoming album Swing!, and much more.

Special thanks to Carmine Appice and Robert Dippold for helping with this episode.

Strigl and Appice – 2019.


For more on the album click here.

Track listing:

“Mothers Space” (feat. Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal) + **
“Gonna Rain” (feat. Richie Sambora) + **
“4 Miles High” (feat. Steve Morse) +
“Nobody Knew” (feat. Brian May) + **
“Where You Belong” (feat. Slash) +
“Out of Mind” (feat. Neal Schon) + **
“This Time Around” (feat. Yngwie Malmsteen & Dug Pinnick) + **
“Nothing” (feat. John Norum) +
“Doin’ Fine” (feat Vivian Campbell) +
“Under The Moon and Sun” (feat. Mick Mars / Edgar Winter) + **
“Code 19” (feat. Zakk Wylde) + **
“Days Are Nights” (feat. Ted Nugent) + **
“Do Ya think I’m Sexy” (Sung by Carmine, feat. Pat Travers)
“Angels” (feat. Char)
“Guitar Zeus, Pt. 1” (feat Jennifer Batten)
“Safe” (feat. Neal Schon)
“Dead Wrong” (feat. Dweezil Zappa)
“Trippin’ Again” (feat. Ty Tabor)
“Even Up The Score” (feat. Ted Nugent)
“Dislocated” (feat. Paul Gilbert)
“Stash” (feat. Stevie Salas / John McEnroe)
“Perfect Day” (feat. Warren DeMartini)
“Killing Time” (feat. Ty Tabor)
“So Long” (feat. Doug Aldrich)
“My Own Advice” (feat Kenji Kitajima)
“Time To Set Alarms” (feat Elliot Easton / Bob Daisley)
“GZ Blues” (feat. Seymour Duncan / Steven Seagal)
“Guitar Zeus, Pt. 2” (feat. Leslie West / Jennifer Batten)
“Where You Belong” (feat Paul Gilbert)
“Cruzin” (feat. Denny Laine)
“Couldn’t Be Better” (Feat. RaiZi)
“Score” (Feat. Ted Nugent)
“Snake” (feat. Bruce Kulick)

Rod, Carmine, Telly Savalas and some lovely ladies.

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