On this episode of Talking Metal, Emily interviews legendary guitarist Michael Schenker and Mark speaks with Alexandra Zerner.

The interview with Michael starts around 23:30 into the show.  Topics include Paul Raymond, UFO, his current Michael Schenker Fest tour, Resurrection, Revelation, Doogie White, his dislike of talking on the phone, Metallica, Kirk Hammett and much more.  Find Michael’s upcoming tour dates here: MichaelSchenkerHimself.com/tour.php

Michael Schenker & Mark Strigl in 2015.

The 2nd interview is with Alexandra Zerner and it starts at the 1:01:25 mark.  Topics include the new album Opus 1880 album, the Opus 1880 book, Ivan Ivanov, Angel Wolf-Black, Bobby Koelble, Gretchen Menn, Nora Kalcheva, the band Death, guitar lessons, Bulgaria, her history, Dream Theater, Jennifer Batten, her influences, and much more.

A big special thanks to Steven Sailer for helping come up with the questions and for lining up the interview!  Check out Alexandra on Facebook and AlexandraZerner.com for more information.

Mark and Emily also talk about the M3 Rock Festival which takes place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  See you there.


Emily wearing accept 1985 shirt.

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7 thoughts on “Talking Metal 809 Michael Schenker & Alexandra Zerner

  1. Awesome show!🤘schenker is one of my favorite guitar players emily!mark I purchased the opus 1880 album after this interview,what a player/musician,gid👌👌🤘,gunna listen in full on my train ride to d/c Thursday,from what I’ve herd so far,loved it,n she’s a dream theater fan,n opening for them!thanks for this find mark,sounds awesome,gerry

    1. Hi Gerry,
      Thank you for buying Opus 1880! Alexandra really cares about her fans and I know she is very grateful for your support. If you feel that Opus 1880 is worthy, please write a 5-star review on Amazon or iTunes. Gerry, You Rock! \m/

  2. I was so happy to hear this interview with Alexandra Zerner. This is one awesome woman. I first discovered her music about a year ago. And have been blown away ever since. I hope great things are in her future. Opus 1880 is a great album and a cool book.
    Also check out her other releases 9 stories and Aspects and her Ep An evening walk.
    I told her once that people are born with the gift she has. I believe that, you just have to hear her music and you may agree.

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