News: Upcoming Releases

There are a few heavy weights that will be releasing albums in the next few months, and because of this have been releasing new videos to prime us for their releases. Korn are about to release their new album The Nothing in September, as a result, they have released this video for the track “You’ll […]

Talking Metal 818 Tora Tora

On this episode of Talking Metal, Emily Strigl interviews Keith Douglas and Patrick Francis of Tora Tora.  This interview was recorded back in May at the M3 Rock Festival.   Follow Emily on Twitter:  @emilystrigl Follow Mark Strigl on Twitter at these accounts:  @talkingmetal & @strigl Follow Talking Metal on Instagram. Support Mark Strigl and his podcasts […]

Video: Tora Tora Interview

Emily Strigl interviews Patrick Francis (bass)  & Keith Douglas (guitar) of the band Tora Tora at the 2019 M3 Rock Festival. Check out Tora Tora online here: ToraToraMusic.com Follow Emily on Instagram. Support Talking Metal and Talking Rock on Patreon here:  www.patreon.com/talkingmetal Use Paypal to make a donation orto buy a Talking Metal t-shirt for […]