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Crazy Lixx is one of those bands that seem to release an album like clockwork every two years. For me that’s a good thing. I absolutely love this band. Since the release of the band’s first album Loud Minority, I have followed the band’s career very closely. It’s one of those situations where you’re fully on-board to see a band gain the success they deserve. You want the world to take notice.

With the release of the band’s latest work, Forever Wild, I wondered if Crazy Lixx would be able to duplicate the intensity of the last album Ruff Justice. If the truth be told, Forever Wild is the best possible continuation you could ask for. Like the last album, there seems to be a theme. On Ruff Justice, certain songs were geared towards the Friday The 13th movie series. Of course the band did write songs for the Friday the 13th video game. On Forever Wild, it seems the band is touching on a certain Top Gun/Iron Eagle type theme. The recently released video for “Silent Thunder” features the band playing in an airplane hangar with jets flying throughout. In some ways, it reminded me of King Kobra’s video for Iron Eagle. So you can see why I would feel strongly about the band creating a theme within. It’s not just that song that I make mention of, titles like “Eagle”, “Terminal Velocity” and “Never Die (Forever Wild)” really help me back that statement. Now with that said, you can’t always judge a book by its cover, which brings me to my next point. This is an album review, so let’s discuss Forever Wild a little further. I’ve made a few important points regarding certain content, but I think there’s more then just that comparison.

When the first song on your album is titled “Wicked”, you have to back that statement. Honestly, this is a “Wicked” track. A straight ahead hard rock song that hits you straight between the eyes! Somehow, Crazy Lixx main songwriter and vocalist Danny Rexon has such a knack for writing the perfect anthem. He has mastered the formula of giving the audience what they truly want. It as if he has taken all his 80’s influences and created the perfect playlist, but that playlist is solely his music. When I think of Crazy Lixx that is the only way I can term their music. It’s as if they aren’t self-indulging. They’re giving the fans of the genre what they so desire. Usually, as a band progresses they change and what they originally were is in the rear-view mirror. Case in point… Extreme. Listen to the band’s Self-Titled debut album compared to III Sided to Every Story. There’s a big difference. In some ways it alienates the original fan base. Crazy Lixx never seems to do that. What you see is what you will always get. It’s like a Starbucks coffee. It always tastes the same and that’s what you want. Consistency is the way of life. Sure it’s good to change it up sometimes, but in my eyes, if Crazy Lixx were to do that I am not sure I could look past that. I have become accustomed to that sound and that’s all I want to hear. I look forward to that with each release.

When listening to tracks like “Breakout”, “(She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face” and “Weekend Lover” I hear that same intensity that made me love the band in the first place. What is always interesting to me in terms of Crazy Lixx is that on every release, you can possibly hear what Rexon was listening to when gaining inspiration. On past albums, you could possibly hear a blues element that maybe he got from listening to Cinderella or maybe a great melodic hook that was picked from a Danger Danger album. On Forever Wild I really pick up on the melodic side of things. It always sounds like Crazy Lixx, but there are also elements of bands that may have influenced the release. Listening to a track like “It’s You”, I hear very textured guitar chording with the bass and drums carrying the song behind. The chorus is hook laden and may have very well been a huge hit in 1989. “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” is what the title states, a heartwarming ballad that builds nicely into a powerful, catchy chorus.

In all, Forever Wild, like all past Crazy Lixx releases, is not a let-down. It could be said that this album may be some of the bands best work, than again I’ve said that about the last three releases. I honestly can’t think of one single thing on this album that I dislike. That is such a bold statement to make, but as a music fan, I wish I could say that about every single album. When you love a band and you wait so long between releases you always hope you’re not left feeling disappointed. With Forever Wild, I was not at all and it just makes me wonder if the band can keep that momentum moving forward. Only time will tell!

Review by Tyson Briden


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