Skunk Anansie is a band who I first heard in the 90s, when their track “Selling Jesus” was on the Strange Days Soundtrack, and it got a little bit of airplay in the New York area. Their second album Stoosh was an album I picked up while traveling in Europe way before it came out in the US.  It is in my opinion one of the best rock albums of the 90s.  That album really made me a fan, and made me understand all of the hype they were receiving from the European press when discussing their music, and live performances. Although I haven’t liked any of the albums that have followed Stoosh as much, it doesn’t mean that each album doesn’t have strong material.  The band is still huge in the UK, and has always been an underground sensation in the states.  When interviewing Straight Line Stitch lead singer Alexis Brown years ago, she mentioned how much Skunk Anansie lead singer Skin was an influence on her as a vocalist, and showed her it was ok to be a black woman, and love hard rock and metal.  Skin also appeared on the Iommi album which was chalked full of rock and metal royalty on vocals, the track she was featured on was called “Meat”.  To have a legend like Tony Iommi single you out, and ask you to be on his album, especially this album, is a huge acknowledgement of your talent.  That track “Meat” is one of my favorite songs off of the album, and furthered my fandom of Skin’s phenomenal vocal prowess.

The entire band shines on this new track “What You Do For Love”, if this is the first time you’ve heard of the band, and enjoy this song, I really encourage you to check their back catalogue out.

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