On this episode of Taling Metal, Mark Strigl interviews Corey Glover of Living Colour, Brent Muscat formerly of Faster Pussycat and Freddie Ordine of Weapons of Anew.

First up, Corey Glover talks about his upcoming work and gig with Mike Orlando, the Iridium, Mick Jagger, Vernon Reid, Living Colour’s history and plans for the future, Doug Wimbish, CBGBs, Jeff Beck, Vivid, the Rolling Stones, Fishbone, Lollapalooza, Michael Jackson, Shade, new music and much more.

Don’t miss Mike Orlando and Corey Glover in NYC at the Iridium on September 9.  Buy your tickets here.

Mark Strigl and Mike Orlando in 2015.

The 2nd interview is with Brent Muscat and starts at 33:50 into the episode.  Topics include the Saints of Las Vegas, the new version of the song House of Pain, the 3oth anniversary of Wake Me When It’s Over, Motley Crue, Taime Downe, Guns n Roses and much more.

The final interview is with Freddie Ordine of Weapons of Anew.  It starts at 59 minutes into the podcast.

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