Dan Lorenzo has always been a friend of the Talking Rock / Talking Metal family.  So any time we can pimp any of his projects or tour dates it’s our pleasure.  If you haven’t check out Vessel Of Light’s Thy Serpent Rise, do so, you won’t be disappointed.

In any event, here are the band’s upcoming show dates:

Friday March 6th The Brighton Bar Long Branch, NJ

Band goes on at 10PM then Black Water Rising perform at 11:15

Saturday March 7th Blackthorn 51 Queens, NY

Band goes on at 10:30PM

Sunday March 8th Olives Nyack, NY

The band assures us that they REALLY go on at 9PM sharp

Not familiar with the band?  Here’s a video for the track “Meet & Bone” off of Thy Serpent Rise:

Here’s some information on the band:

About three years ago Dan Lorenzo (founding member of Hades and Non-Fiction) first came upon the Ancient VVisdom video for their song “The Opposition”. Lorenzo became obsessed with the song and reached out to Ancient VVisdom’s Nathan Opposition. The duo eventually decided to work on writing new music together and Lorenzo drove to Cleveland to have what would become the first ever Vessel Of Light rehearsal. A month later Lorenzo was back in Cleveland, and he and Opposition recorded 7 songs in one day. Those recordings became the first Vessel Of Light EP on Italy’s Argonauta Records in November of 2017.

Writing and recording with Opposition rekindled Lorenzo’s love of music as he had taken a decade off from writing after releasing The Cursed Room Full of Sinners with Overkill’s Bobby Blitz in 2007. The two quickly started writing a follow up to their debut. In September of 2018 Woodshed was released digitally, on vinyl and CD on Argonauta. Just as the debut, Opposition handled all drums and vocals while Lorenzo played all the guitars and bass. Woodshed was released to stellar reviews and the respect of their peers. Sirius/XM played the single Son of Man and Overkill’s Bobby Blitz played Son of Man five times during his one week take-over on Liquid Metal stating that Lorenzo was one of his favorite guitarists and Vessel Of Light one of his favorite new bands.

Opposition and Lorenzo decided it was time to turn Vessel Of Light into more than just a studio act and on September 28th, 2018 they played their first ever show to a sold out crowd at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC opening for Life Of Agony and Silvertomb. They recruited former Overkill drummer Ron Lipnicki and former Hades bassist Jimmy Schulman for the performance. Although the four had never been on the same stage together (let alone the same room), the show went off as if they’d been playing together for years. After the show went off without a hitch Lorenzo asked Opposition if Lipnicki and Schulman should be utilized to record the third VOL album and Opposition replied with an emphatic “Hell yeah!”. The band did a run of shows in May 2019 culminating in a performance at The New England Stoner and Doom Festival in Connecticut.

The ensemble have recently finished recording their third release; Thy Serpent Rise.
Twelve brand new songs that run the gamut from doom to sludge to groove metal.
*The first single is “Meet and Bone”. Don’t be fooled by the song’s title – the band and the song have some twists and unexpected turns beyond the double meaning of the title.

The CD’s final mix was done by JROD Productions.
Argonauta informed the band they could release the CD and vinyl in February or March. “We totally appreciate everything Gero from Argonauta has done for us with our first two albums, but I already started writing some of the 4th Vessel of Light album. I just lose my excitement of new music when it has to sit for half a year before the world gets to hear it”, Lorenzo stated. “Because of that we are going to release it ourselves digitally and on CDs now”.

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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