Bruce Kulick (GFR/Kiss) & Erik Turner (Warrant)

This is the podcast version of the May 15, 2020 Talking Metal Live stream hosted by Mark Strigl and John “Ostronomy” Ostrosky.

First up, is Bruce Kulick, who talks about how he is currently staying busy, recording from home, Chris Jericho, Kuarantine, Gov. Cuomo, Greg Proto, the work he did on a recent cover of the Police song Synchronicity II, Grand Funk Railroad, the Whammy Pedal, his wife Lisa, music software, working with Ace Frehley on Origins 2, the possibility of teaming up with Ace for a tour, Todd Kerns, the Crazy Nights tour, Kiss in the 80s, his thoughts on writing a book, Nick Simmons, the Meet Hook app, guitar lessons and much more.

The 2nd interview is with Erik Turner of Warrant. Topics include new Warrant music, his Punk Rock Specials (guitars), Warrant’s history, Cherry Pie,  Jamie St. James, the Cameo app, Janie Lane and much more.  Check out Erik’s Punk Rock Specials IG page here.


Erik Turner & Mark Strigl – 2019.


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Bruce Kulick and John “Ostronomy” Ostrosky.
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