Unleash The Archers new album Abyss comes out on August 21st. A few weeks back I posted the teaser for the title track’s video. Well, the video is finally here.

The band caught my attention a few years back. I receive promos every day, too many to actually listen to. This was labeled as a “power metal band”, and sure there are aspects of that specific sub-genre present. But it’s not what the band is 100% about, their’s more than one dimension to them. First off, most power metal bands have never gotten beyond the first two Keepers albums by Helloween, or the Iron Maiden gallop. The thought of using a seven string or more is also blasphemous, because “Maiden doesn’t tune down, or need more than six strings.” You now because they’re the only band that’s ever existed.

This Canadian band has always offered more, whether it’s adding aspects of thrash, progressive music, different tuning, or various types of vocal styles. They also aren’t scared to cover things that would be out of most band’s comfort zones. While most bands are covering the latest pop anthem to try and get likes online, they’re covering obscure tracks from the past. Because they want to, not because they’re hoping some influencer picks up on it, and makes them this week’s Alien Ant Farm. They’re paying homage to music they love, and making it their own. It reminds me of the same thing Metallica did when covering bands like Diamond Head when very few people knew who they were.

In my opinion, they don’t get the recognition they deserve, and are the standard bearers for any newer band trying to play this style of music. They aren’t doing the same old thing that usually gets me to just reach for an old Helloween or Maiden album and try and cleanse my pallet of some uninspired refried metal.

Check out the video for Unleash The Archers track “Abyss” here:

This album is a concept album, which is a continuation of the theme established on the 2017 album Apex. Lead singer Brittney Slayes had this to say about the concept behind both albums:

“Our protagonist, The Immortal, is once again awakened at the beginning of our story, but this time he is in an unknown place: a ship out in deep space. He wanders alone for a time, reflecting on his misdeeds, searching for his new master. Finally, he finds him, and learns that it is the Grandson of The Matriarch, our antagonist. The Immortal had taken The Grandson’s father away some sixty years before, to be sacrificed by The Matriarch in a ritual to achieve immortality (the events from Apex) and now the Grandson seeks revenge against The Matriarch with the aid of her own weapon, The Immortal.

This album is a classic take on good versus evil, light versus dark, The Grandson versus The Matriarch, but it also uses the ‘person versus self’ literary device in that The Immortal is battling with the good and evil within himself, and must decide in the end if he is simply a tool for others to use, or a man with free will and the ability to choose his own path; a struggle I think every human can relate to.”


About the track “Abyss”:

“This track set the tone for the whole record; conceptually, lyrically, musically, it all started here.  Andy came up with the opening riff back when we were writing Apex, but I knew right away it didn’t belong on that record.  When we finally started writing Abyss in 2019, this was the first song we wrote and it was the first song I listened to when the record was done. It symbolizes five years of hard work for us, and I think it does a great job of putting the listener in the right place emotionally to start the record. It hints at what the rest of the album is all about, but also doesn’t give it all away, not by a long shot!”

Be on the look out for Abyss on August 21st, you can pre-order it here.

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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