Tonight’s edition of Talking Metal Live features two interviews. The first with Red Dragon Cartel bassist Anthony Esposito, followed up by guitarist Michael Angelo Batio.

If you haven’t checked out Talking Metal Live, it’s a call back to the old Talking Metal Forums, and the live streaming that the show did way back when. The added caveat is the video component to the show. With segments that will only make sense if you watch live. For example, John talking about his massive guitar collection. Or Mark’s Brush With Greatness stories. You can also interact, and ask them questions in real time before the show is edited and released in audio format.


The show is usually split up into the interviews, and just Mark, John, and sometimes Emily shooting the shit.

Most people first became aware of Anthony due to being part of the original formation of Lynch Mob. He was on the first two releases by the band, arguably the strongest two albums by the band. Featuring both George Lynch and “Wild” Mick Brown, along side of Oni Logan on Wicked Sensation, and Robert Mason on the self-titled Lynch Mob album. Both albums are equally great,  although the album that featured Mason probably got less fanfare, it’s got a lot of hidden gems on it.

Here’s an example of Anthony Esposito’s work with Lynch Mob on the classic “The Secret”:

I was lucky enough to Anthony on a joint episode I did with Talking Metal back in 2010. Anthony had played on Ace’s return solo album Anomaly, which had come out roughly a year earlier.

Here’s “Pain In The Neck” off of Anomaly featuring Anthony Esposito:

In recent years, Anthony has been playing in Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel. He played on the band’s latest album Patina.

Here is a video featuring Anthony Esposito from Red Dragon Cartel for the track “Bitter”:

What a resume, how many people can say that they’ve played with three guitar heroes of this caliber?

Speaking of guitar heroes, up next is Michael Angelo Batio. He’s no stranger to Talking Metal, he’s appeared on the show numerous times over the years. As mentioned during yesterday’s New Releases post, he has just released a new album. The album is called More Machine Than Man.

Here’s a video off of Michael Angelo Batio’s latest album called “The Badlands”:

Michael is someone that’s never been shy about who he is. Others have not wanted to be associated with the terms metal, or hard rock. But he’s never turned away from anything he’s done in the past. Quite the opposite, welcomed discussing all facets of his career with open arms. Whether its been the bombastic look or approach to his playing in Nitro, or the over the top shredding on a double guitar or a quad guitar, his speed, Michael Angelo Batio is unabashedly himself.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him years ago. When you think of instrumental players, a good portion of them are self-centered, or ego manics. After all, a lot of these albums are just musical masturbation. “Hey look at me” and that’s kind of it. But it wasn’t that case at all when I spoke to him. Sure Michael has been considered one of the fastest, if not the fasted player on the planet for sometime. But his compositions aren’t just his soloing. They’re part of the full picture, not the only thing going on.

Here’s a video for the track the title track of Michael Angelo Batio’s latest album “More Machine Than Metal”:

You can pick the album up here, or listen to it on your favorite streaming service.

To tune into Talking Metal Live go here tonight, June 19th at 8PM EST/5PM PST.

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Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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