My wife, Emily interviewed Abby K a couple years ago at a Kiss Expo in Atlanta and now her music career is really starting to take off.  Check out her extremely catchy tune Rock the Rock.  We are excited for this young rocker’s future!  Follow her on Twitter.


Charlotte, North Carolina – Abby K is more than ready to take on the rock n roll world. With her single “Rock The Rock”, Abby K has proven to the rock world once and for all that there is a resurgence of fresh rock pulsing its way back into the veins of chords, beats, and fist pumping horns! This female-fronted band is leading the wave of young and hungry bands that are defining rock’s direction and they are not afraid to bring it. “Rock The Rock” clearly states – Abby K is leading the way by talking it, walking it, and most importantly ROCKING it.

Abby K
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