Hades is a band that always received a good amount of fanfare from a local metal station in New Jersey called WSOU. I always listed to them because they have always gone out of their way to play young, relatively unknown bands, mixed in with veteran acts we all know. They have always done their best to promote bands from the New York, and New Jersey area. As Blitz from Overkill once said to me, he considered stages from both states home. Although people may look down at Jersey for whatever reason, the metal scene has always been for the most part united.

Our good friend Dan Lorenzo just sent me a link to an old Hades documentary that was recently uploaded to YouTube. If you’ve been a long time listener of Talking Metal, you’ve heard the name Jay Bones before. He put the documentary Hades Behind The Metal Documentary together. It was released exclusively in Europe back in 2001 when the album DamNation came out. It was limited to 1,000 copies, lucky for us, we can now check the documentary out.

Here’s the information Dan sent along:

After breaking up at the completion of their first European tour in 1989, Hades would occasionally reunite for a one off show. In 1999 the band got back together and released three albums in three years for Metal Blade Records. Hades performed at Wacken in 2000 and released their final album in 2001.

The last Hades release DamNation included the return of bassist Jimmy Schulman and was also the first release for drummer Ron Lipnicki who spent a decade in Overkill after Hades. Hades DamNation CD included a DVD attached to the first 1,000 copies printed in Europe. Vintage Hades footage is included plus interviews with founding member Dan Lorenzo, vocalist Alan Tecchio, lead guitarists Scott Lepage and Ed Fuhrman.

Check out Hades Behind The Metal Documentary here:

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907

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