Jake E Lee is the center of a multi-part interview series with Bravewords. “Metal” Tim Henderson chatted with Jake. Among the things we learned in this first part is that Jake would like to see his second album with Ozzy Osbourne The Ultimate Sin, remixed. This is what he said to Bravewords when asked if he’s still happy with his two albums with Ozzy:

“Yeah, I was happy with them. I do agree with him that maybe The Ultimate Sin should be remixed because it was a bit of a poppy mix at the time and he wanted to increase his fan base at the time – (Ron Nevison) gave it more of a poppy thing, but it’s a heavy record, so I think it should be remixed. Let’s have an alternate mix of that. I would hope he’d invite me to it.”

Some of the other topics they discuss are rumors of Jake E Lee reuniting with Ozzy Ozzy Osbourne. Jake not wanting Zakk Wylde’s first album with Ozzy, No Rest For The Wicked to be good. And what his opinion is on Ozzy’s discography.

You can read the entire first part of the interview here.

After working with Ozzy, Jake went on to form Badlands with Ray Gillen, Greg Chaisson, and current Kiss drummer Eric Singer. The formation recorded the self-titled debut Badlands in 1989. After the album, Singer exited, and Racer-X lead singer Jeff Martin took over on drums. Seemed like an odd decision at the time, but he’s gone on to drum for several artists over the years. The highly underrated Voodoo Highway came out in 1991. In my opinion,  this is one of the best hard rock albums to come out in the decade of the 90s.

For years there have been rumors about issues between band members, and their label Titanium/Atlantic. To this day there are no Badlands albums are on any streaming platforms. Except for Dusk, which was released in 1998, and are essentially the demos for the band’s third album. This was recorded before Ray Gillen was booted from the band. And was released as a tribute after he had passed away. They supposedly tried multiple replacements before the band imploded.

Jake E Lee was almost like a myth for so many years. He was like hard rock and metal’s Syd Barrett, shrouded in mystery. His disappearance from the scene lead to a multitude of rumors about what had happened to him. He guested on a few albums over the years, and released a few albums to little to no fanfare. But for all intents and purposes he was gone until 2014’s self-titled debut by Red Dragon Cartel.

For a lot of MTV generation fans of Ozzy’s music, Jake was their guitarist. Songs like “Bark At The Moon”, “Shot In The Dark”, “Lightning Strikes” and even the title track to 1986’s The Ultimate Sin were all part of their regular rotation. Jake wasn’t technically the first guitarist to play with Ozzy after the death of Randy Rhoads. But, he was the first to play on one of his studio albums. The albums Bark At The Moon and the The Ultimate Sin endeared him to fans.

When rumors came about that Jake might be suiting back up for Ozzy, the internet lit up. The first Red Dragon Cartel album was produced by Kane Churko. Son of Kevin Churko, who had produced several Black Label Society albums, and two Ozzy Osbourne albums. People started connecting the dots, thinking he was a step away from rejoining the Ozzy’s band. Jake has even speculated that working with Kane might be a kind of a trial to see if he could once again play with Ozzy.

Unfortunately, the reunion has yet to take place. Given Ozzy’s health, the current COVID-19 global pandemic, who knows if it ever takes place. Or if Sharon allows this to ever happen. As per Jake’s interview with Talking Metal, he’d like to recoup song writing credit for the songs on Bark At The Moon. Not sure that will ever happen. But it would be cool to see both of them play together one last time.

Photo Courtesy Of Steve Hurta.

Article by Victor M. Ruiz of Mars Attacks Radio & Podcast, and Galaxy Of Geeks Podcast.  Connect with him on Twitter:  @vmr907


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One thought on “News: Jake E Lee Remix 1986’s Ultimate Sin

  1. I never cared too much for Ozzy but I was a fan of Jake. I am glad he is still doing well. There is so much on the internet your not sure if its true. I notice he never goes on his own twitter site to keep fans posted on what he is up to.

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